In this tough economy more and more brides are looking for ways to economize on their special day, without having to compromise on the beautiful elements they want to have in their wedding.  As someone who was a total Do-It-Yourself Bride, I can totally agree with this philosophy.  Back then, 21 years ago, 

it was not even popular or fashionable to be a DIY bride, but I knew if I gave myself the time, and planned accordingly I would be able to accomplish what I wanted, and would end up not only saving money but having something unique, and even more special and significant because I made it myself.  As I recall, I ended up making my favors (fortunately I only had about 60 guests), I decorated the arch for the ceremony, made the aisle bows, made the Unity candle, made my bridesmaids' hair combs, decorated the cake cutting knife, decorated the toast goblets, decorated my shoes, made the cake topper, and even made my veil!  And while I was doing all this I was also preparing for my psychologist's license test!  I had so much fun making all these things, that it was my reward for studying.  Whenever I would study as much as I had planned, I would reward myself with making wedding stuff.   (This is actually called the Premack Principle--rewarding yourself for doing something with a pleasurable activity--see I do remember something!).

Anyway, fast forward to the present time.  Now that I have begun to upcycle materials into unique and amazing items, I wanted to give myself the challenge to once again make bridal and wedding accessories.  Why not?  It is all in the details.  Why can't we be eco-friendly and chic and elegant at the same time?

These are some of the items I've made so far that are made with vintage buttons, old pieces of jewelry, trim, fabric remnants etc. 

First of all, thinking about the bride. . .and her bridal jewelry, I created some fun and elegant necklaces with vintage gold and white buttons,

This next necklace could even be made with heirloom and vintage jewelry pieces that the bride could inherit from a relative in the family.

In terms of hair accessories (even veil), or maybe even pins for the mother of the bride, etc. I created these little beauties:

I've also made two fun flower girl baskets, with little pieces of ribbon, fabric remnants, vintage buttons, etc.

And finally, I also upcycled several boxes I had into beautiful and elegant ring boxes for the groom to use for the proposal ring, or for the ring bearer to carry down the aisle, or both!

I hope this serves as inspiration to someone out there to go ahead and make your own hand made and upcycled acessories for that special day, because it is possible!  You will really treasure your items and they will be so much more significant than something you could have bought ready made.  Mother Earth will thank you too!

If you are interested in finding out what items I currently have for sale, please visit my HandArt Design Studios Etsy store.