Well Halloween is here, which just gives me an excuse to come up with a new, fun and spooky tablescape.  For those of you who may have not seen it, last year I did one called "Count Dracula Gives a Dinner Party but Nobody Comes". You can't quite tell from the dark picture but dracula's cape became the tablecloth (No Linens N' Things in Transylvania you know), and there are cobwebs and spiders everywhere (remember nobody came. . .get it?) In the middle of the table he had set his favorite bottle of blood and goblets. Maybe that's why nobody came?. . .

So this year the theme is about our Dear Lady Lala the Gypsy Fortune Teller, who even though is dead, still comes every Halloween night to read halloweeners their fortune.  So here's her dinner table, ready with cards, and some of her favorite shawls laid out as tablecloths.  Lala is accompanied by the skeleton of her beloved sister Aisha, which by the way means alive, which sadly she's not.  Our dear Lala and Aisha died in an unfortunate accident while reading the fortune to one of their most loyal customers. 

Oh. . .but we digress. . .here are the pictures of the Gypsy fortune teller's table:

And finally, here's a picture of a nice floral arrangement for the sofa table near the dining table: