In my efforts to be eco-friendly and to conserve resources and energy, I'm always looking for ways to use up all those little tidbits of stuff that usually cross through my fingers through the years.  It all starts with a piece of ribbon, some old jewelry findings, or just some doodad that is just too pretty to throw away.  I happened to find some wrapping paper that I had bought that had old world maps in it (another fixation of mine . . .) that was again, too good to waste.  It fit perfectly with my "Travel theme" bonus room, so I used it as much as I could.  Here are some of the items I made.
.Here is my "world map" clock.  I decoupaged the paper on a craft store clock wooden pedestal. 

I also took an old pretty dated lamp and covered the base with the same paper again using a decoupage technique.  I then happened to find a lamp shade with the exact same pattern as the wrapping paper.

Here's a tray with the wrapping paper applied to the reverse of the glass.  The frame is an actual picture frame.