By now I've made several of these statement necklaces, and it never ceases to amaze me how many different ways a few relatively mundane elements can be combined to make a glorious statement.

In the beginning, I mostly used beads that I happened to have in my crafting arsenal.  Things that I had bought a while back but had not had the chance to use yet. 

This one was the first statement necklace I ever made.  I called it Bahama Fantasy.  Back then I tried to get creative with my titles.  I've since learned that that is not good for SEO, so no more creative titling now!

For this one I used some old buttons I had, some beads, and a fun burlap and silk flower I had bought a while back.  I thought it was a valiant attempt, but I was still a newbie at this venture of making "statement" necklaces.  It is still on my Etsy store waiting for a happy home.

Here is another one of my early attempts.  This one was also made mostly with beads I had laying around.  The sun dangle I don't remember where I got it from, but I thought it completed the necklace nicely.  I was fortunate to sell this piece after I had it in display at the Fremont Art Association Holiday Boutique.

At this point I started getting tired of the basic shape and I started experimenting with some more asymmetrical and organic shapes.

After all this experimentation with shapes I then started to experiment with materials, wanting to add not just beads, but buttons, watch faces, ribbon roses, old earrings, etc.

Which finally takes us to my latest attempt at statement necklace making. 

In terms of my evolution, I noticed that my shapes are getting less predictable.  I'm tending to do longer necklaces, not as close to the neck.  Also I pretty much have stopped using satin ribbons in favor of a beaded neck chain.  I just feel it is more elegant.  All in all these are very fun necklaces to make that I would recommend anyone reading this trying out.  A little felt, a little hot glue, and some stuff, and there you have it!  Who knew those few simple elements could make such a statement?

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