Have you ever thought what a wonderful world it would be if we could indeed live as green as possible?  What would need to happen for this to be possible?  Is it a really feasible, reachable goal for us to have?  For me the list would be quite long.  First of all, utilizing the principle, “if you build it, they will come”, laws all around the world would have to be changed to mandate and give incentives  to companies to create and label products which would be 100 % recyclable, and which would be manufactured using technologies which are earth friendly, natural and which keep bio-degradability in the forefront.  No product would be manufactured or put into use without thinking of its potential recyclability or its ability to be re-purposed or re-used  in some way in the future.  The principle of respect for the cycle of life would have to be integrated fully into the manufacturing process.  They would have to take into account how the materials are used, and how the potential manufacturing waste produced, could be re-integrated into the natural cycle of life without creating further burdens of expenditure of energies or adding to the earth’s land fills.  In addition, people all over the world would have to go along with these new ways of living in the world.  Utilizing products for every aspect of their lives which are earth-friendly, produce no VOCs, contain no CFCs and contain no other harmful chemicals for the environment.   Most importantly, people would have to learn how to manage their  “waste” and how to re-use, recycle and re-purpose everything in their daily lives, from the tangible (like food, toiletries, etc.) to the non-tangible (like energy, air, etc.).

In terms of results, it is possible to think that perhaps in this ideal world without toxic chemicals, there would be no landfills, as everything consumed would be compostable to some degree, therefore eliminating the need to have land fills.  It is also possible to believe that in this ideal world, there would be cleaner air and water sources and therefore more healthy individuals with less allergies, less cancer, and less immune system problems to name a few.

At least that is my view of this idealistic world and what it would take.  Now whether will ever get there. . .that's a whole different story.  What do you think?