HandArt Design Studios


It is possible to make some simple pieces of furniture with a few household tools and with very little investment of money.  It only takes some thinking and some bargain shopping to find the right elements. Upholstering can be quite easy and fun, and once you get started, you can't stop.  Besides full pieces of furniture as you see here, I've also upholstered several chairs and stools.  The better the staple gun, the easier the job!

Small ottoman.  It only takes a piece of wood, some foam, and batting and of course fabric.  The "legs" are  actually finial posts.  Trim is optional, but always adds a nice touch.

Large ottoman.  Same principle, different materials. The main difference here is the tufting, done with large fabric covered buttons.  It takes some muscle, but not as hard as it seems.  This one also has some nail head trim to add to the finished look.  The legs are also finial posts.  I didn't even paint them.  Left them in their natural redwood finish. 

Upholstered chest.  This chest started life as a "foot locker".  You know those metal brass trimmed trunks they used to sell for kids to take to college?  It is basically a big metal box now completely covered in fabric.  Here a glue gun becomes key.  Oh, and do you see the feet?. . .finial posts again!  And if you've seen my trays you'll recognize the handles.  A little fabric, a little trim, and you are in business!

CD Cabinet made with recycled shutters.  You build a box according to the size of your shutters.  Put a few shelves and hinge your doors to the front and there you go!  Instant cabinet!

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