HandArt Design Studios

Handmade Purses

Some of these purses are made of what used to be originally cigar boxes.  The construction of these boxes is very sturdy, and in spite of how they began their life, they do not retain any cigar aroma.  These boxes come in slightly different shapes and sizes, and again it is up to you the client to decide what you would like. Often times recycled paper and jewelry pieces are used as a way to further embellish and decorate these purses. 

Romeo y Julieta Cigar Box Purse


Golden Mirage Cigar Box Purse 

Rouge Art Deco Cigar Box Purse 

Trip of a Lifetime Cigar Box Purse 


Red & Navy Punch Cigar Box Purse

"Postcards from France" -  Cigar Box Clutch 

"Romeo y Julieta" II - Cigar Box Purse 

Red and Gold Cigar Box Purse/Storage Box

Gold and Black Sophistication Cigar Box Purse 

"Voyage on the Orient Express" - Cigar Box Purse 

"Faux Leather" Cigar Box Purse 

This fun purse was made with an old technique I learned when I was a girl scout.  I took strips of kraft paper and glued them to the box and then used shoe polish and wood stain to create the look of leather.  The strips on each side are actually a strip of scrapbook paper, and the handle and middle strip are made of an old belt that I had.

"Mermaid Fantasy" Cigar Box Purse

A beautifully decorated and upcycled cigar box, turned into a fantasy purse perfect for a young girl, or someone young at heart who happens to love mermaids.  The box has been decorated with paper decoupage, beads, glitter, shells, stickers, etc.

The inside lid of the purse is also decorated with a decoupaged image of a different mermaid, and embellished with dimensional stickers.  The back of the purse is painted in an ombre effect in several shades of turquoise blue and teal with white accents emulating waves done in white iridescent glitter.  The handle was made especially to go with this purse, with whimsical beads and colored wire.

"Dreaming of Cinqueterre" Cigar Box Purse

A fun, colorful and alluring cigar box purse covered up with a wrinkled image from an old calendar depicting what could be a village in Cinqueterre in Italy, or almost anywhere in the Mediterranean.

The wrinkles in these painted images that cover the front, back and sides of the purse, seem as if they came from a very old oil painting which is now cracking and showing its age.


 The inside lid has another image of a view seen through an old stone arch. If anything it is a great image just to stare at and daydream with, imagining one is traveling in some little town or village in Italy or France.

Since the images are the main event, the rest of the purse has been painted black, as to not compete with the beautiful scenery.  The inside has been lined with a thick dark brown felt to add cushion and luxury.  The handle is hand made with colorful glass beads in many of the shades that can be found throughout the painted images.

Dimensions: 10" W x 5.5" H x 2" D

"Shanghai Girls"

Chocolate Cherry Blossoms - Cigar Box Purse

A very feminine, playful and yet sophisticated cigar box purse with a very stylish color scheme of chocolate brown and light pink.  The front and back are covered with paper and overlaid with tissue paper to soften the image of the cherry blossoms, thus making it a bit more abstract and ethereal. The cherry blossom motif is further embellished with dimensional paint and iridescent glitter, as well as some small pearls.

Cigar box purse. 

The inside of the purse is lined with a dark chocolate brown crocodile felt. (Yeah you read that right!).  The sides, top and bottom of the exterior of the purse are covered with metallic pink faux leather.  The handle and closure are hand made with wood, pink glass, silver beads and buttons. The purse is slightly elevated by four wooden beads which act as the feet.

Dimensions: 6.75" W x 6.75" H x 3" D  

"Shanghai Girls" -  Cigar Box Purse

"Bahama Fantasy" -  Cigar Box Purse

"World Traveler" Cigar Box Purse


Cigar Box Portfolio

"Tempus Fugit" Cigar Box Purse 

"Tempus Fugit" or "Time Flutters By" Cigar Box Purse with sepia photographs and scrapbook embellishments.  

Onyx & Pearl Cigar Box Purse 

Made with recycled cigar box, beads, chain and old bits of jewelry.

"La Vie en France" Cigar Box Purse- Version 3

"Around the World" Cigar Box Purse

"Blue Ballerina"  Wood Box Purse

Decoupage wood purse with beaded handle.  Made with recycled gift wrapping paper and magazines. 

"Floral Fantasy" Decoupage Wood Box Purse

"Charisma Black & White Sophistication" Decoupage Wood Purse

"Checks & Stripes" Striped Wood Purse

"La Vie en France" Round Wood Purse - Version 2

"Velvet Rose" Ribbon Embroidered Black Velvet Purse

"La Vie en France" Cigar Box Purse - Version 1

"Cote D'Azur" Cigar Box Purse

Custom Photo Cigar Box Purse 

"Lisa's 30th" Photo cigar box purse with beaded handle and beaded closure.  Personalized with client's photos of her daughter in several of her performances.  Embellished with rhinestones.

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