HandArt Design Studios


Yet one more thing I seem to have a fascination for. Trays can be easily made out of existing materials, be it a frame, or a purchased bare wood tray from a craft store.  Once again the possibilities are endless as they can be tiled, decoupaged, painted, etc.,  to suit your needs.

World Map tray made out of an old frame, drawer handles, and old wrapping paper. The paper is glued to the back of the glass, making the surface of the tray easy to clean.  In this case a clear crackle finish was applied to the glass (before applying the paper)  to again add that old world vintage feel.   Some gold rub-on accent paint has been applied to the frame to highlight the carving of the frame.

Glass mosaic "Fish" tray.  Glass mosaic tiles are applied to a wood frame.  The exterior is painted with copper paint. 

"World Travel "Tray.  Made as the one above with a frame, old wrapping paper, a clear crackle finish and old drawer handles. 

Convertible tray.  This tray is made as the ones above with a frame and drawer handles.  The main difference is that the glass in this frame is interchangeable, therefore allowing for the same frame to hold different inserts, depending on the mood, or the need of the moment. 

"Wild Animal" tray.   In this case the frame that forms the tray has been placed upside down.  This allows for the glass, (which has been decoupaged on the reverse side with tissue paper), to be free floating.  This also allows for easy clean up, and also for the possibility of doing different inserts depending on need.  Also notice the handles are made of copper wire and raffia.  The copper wire also provides the support for the glass insert.  This is a much lighter frame and much more translucent that the other examples.

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