HandArt Design Studios

Lighting & Candles 

Here's a collection of lamps and candle holders made with unusual materials.

Candle Chandelier made of copper wire, beads and shot glasses.

Pendant light Fixture made with screening material (you know the thing that goes on a screen door), copper refrigerator tubing, chain and beads. 

Hurricane candle holder made with recycled glass cylinder and beads. 

"Moroccan" Henna lamp - made with tomato cage, tissue paper, copper wire, stain and fabric paint

Lamp base covered with recycled wrapping paper. 

"Casino Night" Water candles 

"Sun and the Moon" lamp, made from ceramic vase bought in Tijuana, and a hardware store lamp kit. Shade embellished with beaded trim.

Candle holders made of copper refrigerator tubing. 

Refurbished old lamp.  Base was covered with bits of different types of texturized and handmade papers.

Another refurbished lamp.  Base again covered with different types of papers, and then embellished with raffia and grapes.

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